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The Path to the Peak of Personal Motorsport Perfection

Zebulon Motorsports Consulting provides bespoke design, analysis, modeling, and support to push you towards your pinnacle - from the top of your local podium, to the zenith of Pikes Peak

Created on the premise of using professional motorsport engineering expertiese to go faster, at every level of competition

Zebulon Motorsport Consulting employs cutting edge engineering practices from the top levels of motorsport, making them available to all levels of motoring competitors. All in the name of going faster; whether that be to have more fun, or finally snatch up that championship you’ve had your sights set on!

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What We Do

Zebulon MSC works to deliver a wide range of capability to its customers, from high end computer simulations to composite repairs, and anywhere in between


Zebulon’s design services produce some of the best performing products on the market, as well as some of the fastest vehicles, helping win many championships across the globe


Need to know more about your vehicle? Working in top level motorsport series has proven that Zebulon can supply any level of analysis to the masses. Aerodynamics, Suspension, Powertrain, etc. are well within Zebulon’s reach


Pre-event, post-event, and trackside support is very often overlooked in most motorsport series. Zebulon offers pre-event planning, trackside data analysis and vehicle setup support, as well as post-event support


We highly enjoy working with our clients, and love to hear from them. Here’s what a few have to say

I’ve worked with the guys at Zeb since 2012, and have long since learned to listen to what they say to improve my car’s performance. They base their parts and suggestions on science and measurement, and back it up with testing, not guesses and internet lore.

Through redesigning the entire aero package, and making some choice chassis improvements, with Zebulon’s parts and guidance, we took my Stohr F1000 from a draggy, flexy also-ran, and made it a top contender for the SCCA national championship that still holds several track records around the US. I’ve given them free reign to help design the aero for my NASA Corvette, and I expect the same championship-level results when we are complete. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Jake L.


Since 2014 I have exclusively relied on Zebulon for all my aero needs. Together we have joined forces to build strong packages for many classes and have won half a dozen championships.

One of the things that sets Zebulon apart from the competition is their ability to customize for your specific class or application needs. Their designs are of the lightest in the industry and incredibly efficient. In one weekend alone we shaved 2 seconds off of our laptime just by changing from a small conventional aero setup to an aggressive yet efficient Zebulon wing and splitter design.

Both of my personal racecars use Zebulon aerodynamic parts. Their wings have also been put on a number of our customer cars where quality and finish must be guaranteed.

I will continue to use Zebulon products and continue to set track records with them for as long as I am able.

If weight and performance is a concern, look no further.

Robert T.

Big Bad Wolf

Eastern Warehouse Distributors

A few years ago my SCCA B Modified autocross car was in need of new wings. After finding Zebulon MSC on the internet, I called Ryan to discuss his philosophy on aerodynamics and to look into costs. It turned out that both were excellent!

After a series of CFD calculations, design, and fabrication, my car finally had great balance and improved grip. Years later I’m still using those wings to very good results. In addition, Ryan and I have maintained a running dialogue about ongoing aerodynamic improvements to my car. The car gets faster and faster.

Jim G.

SCCA Solo B-Mod

About Zebulon MSC

Zebulon was founded on the idea to develop a hill climb car for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, using the most up-to-date techniques available. The peak’s namesake was officially deemed ours as well: the explorer Zebulon Pike

Continuing the Exploration of Speed

Just as our namesake explored the forefront of the Rockies, we explore the forefront of making you faster

Who We Are

Zebulon is made up of a group of colleagues and friends who enjoyed motorsport in college so much, they decided to continue to progress in the field by entering the professional motorsport world. Now, we are offering that experience to others

Our Philosophy

We thoroughly enjoy bringing previously unattainable motorsport techniques to masses

Our Goals for You

Zebulon MSC is here to help you do one thing: Go Fast



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