Fort Collins, CO, USA



Here at Zebulon, we're always hard at work on behind the scenes on various design projects. From the basic part to make your race car better, to full blown race car redesigns and time attack aerodynamics. If you contract us for design - we will make sure to treat your project like all projects we do- with the utmost importance. (and we will protect your expected competitive advantage confidential as long as you wish!)

Shoot us a note and we'll give you a fair quote on what your idea will take to make a reality!

Prototyping / Manufacturing

Zebulon's design team has one goal: stop at nothing to allow you to go faster. This is why our design services produce some of the best performing products on the market. You'll also never need to go elsewhere to get these products made; Zebulon builds them in-house, helping to create some of the quickest cars on the grid.

From one-off designs to broader scope production runs, Zebulon will give you the edge you have been looking for.


The staff at Zebulon MSC has experience and capability in a multitude of analysis techniques that can be applied across all areas of motorsport. We offer analysis both through modeling and mathematical simulation as well as real-world testing and instrumentation.

Zebulon can help you analyze your vehicle's aerodynamics, damping, kinematics, structure/stiffness, tires, and more. Zebulon also has the ability to help you with race strategy, racing line creation, driver development, and control systems.


We are here to support you: pre-event, post-event, and trackside support is very often overlooked in most motorsport series. Don't fall into the position where extra help could have meant standing on the podium versus watching your competitors stand there instead - get our help!

Zebulon offers pre-event assistance and planning, trackside data analysis and vehicle setup services, as well as post-event support.

Special Projects

Are there any projects you've been thinking about starting up and don't know where to start? Give us a call and we might be able to help you!

From lap time simulation, custom math channel development, racing line optimization and driver development, Zebulon MSC has the knowledge to help you achieve your project's next step

Composites Repair

Zebulon is equipped to repair any type of damaged composite, from a cracked fiberglass fender to your carbon monocoque chassis.

We have contracted with several professional race teams to bring their damaged parts back to life!