Race Components

Stemming from Zebulon’s analysis experience, race participation, and casework,  Zebulon has a significant advantage to help you identify deficiencies in part designs. Through iterative design and analysis processes, Zebulon can optimize parts for specific applications or for more general use. Our goal is to design parts for motorsports and the truth is, a part truly designed for motorsport use will always have an advantage!

More development parts will be coming soon – but please inquire about any of our parts you may have seen at the races or wish to have designed!  Prototype and bespoke aerodynamics are our specialty, however we can work on anything to make you faster.


Formula 1000 Front Wing Package

The Zebulon MSC F1000 front wing package came about from a case study based on a popular F1000 race car sold to the public. Certain cars in the series suffer from top speed/drag issues, and after extensive CFD analysis, the front wing was deemed as one of the main devices producing large amounts of drag. A new wing package was developed with the goal of lowering drag, minimizing the downstream effects of the wing upwash, all while generating significantly more downforce.  Additionally, the wing was designed specifically to be lighter than the original part. The results were dramatic, and the wing now has numerous Pro F1000 series race wins and track records under its belt.

Now, the wing is for sale – Stohr and Firman fitments available – please contact us for more information!

NASA/SCCA T1 Legal GT Rear Wing Package

There are a number of great aero upgrades for full body Rear GT Wingsedans and sports cars available, nearly all touted as “PhD Designed” or “Wind Tunnel Developed”.  This is certainly true in some cases; specifically about the wing element, but none can say they were designed for motorsports. Many come from UAV research or high lift/large payload aeronautic applications.  (If you have questions about a specific wing out there, we can almost always identify the profile and get you some info on it!)

Here at Zebulon, we take another approach: Data driven design of “clean sheet” parts to get the most out of your race.  The Zeb MSC GT rear wing, when tested against popular alternatives, generates significantly more downforce and lower drag, and has a large working range when adjusting Angle of Attack (AoA).  The airfoil design was developed in house to work efficiently, even when subjected to less than ideal airflow (rear windshield turbulence) – something other airfoils are not.  The mounts are designed to minimally disrupt flow (Case Study) and the endplates are designed to help dissipate wingtip vortices for lower drag and higher efficiency.

Designed-to-Suit Aerodynamics Packages

Every racer, enthusiast, and tinkerer has a different set of goals for their project or race car. We understand this and can design and build anything to meet your goals. When designing your own bespoke parts, anything pertinent is taken into account:  class rules, driving style, and vehicle setup are a few examples.

One-off/prototype aero packages are our specialty.  Be it a hillclimb, auto-x, or road race car, Zebulon can help meet or exceed your performance goals!